20 Cool Gadgets That You Must Have In Your Office

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Today’s hectic work schedule requires that you spend most of your time in office, making it your second home. So, it’s very important that you make it inspiring, fun, and cozy. Check out this list of 20 cool must-have gadgets to make your work more interesting and fun.

The 360 Pen:

  • If you are feeling a bit stressed up with your hectic schedule, give this 360 pen a twirl, and it just keeps spinning around striking the other person in awe. With superior quality tactile rubber finish and chrome-plated plastic, you can order them here in either red or gray color.

Swinging Sticks:

  • This is an ideal thing to have in a conference room or even on the top of your desktop and get the other to keep staring at its free-running motions. The actual secret lies in the fact that it is battery powered.


  • This gadget is complete fun; you can get it to shoot up an invisible ball of air at an unwary victim and get him to wonder what that was! It’s harmless and fun.


  • This is a bigger version of AirZooka; it looks meaner than its sibling but is easy to operate with its trigger. More fun and terror at the office!

Zippi Fan:

  • A perfect personal fan to cool you down after a brisk walk or on a hot day.

Bucky Balls:

  • These are magnetic balls that let you create all types of fun shapes and fascinating items. It’s a perfect pass-time when you are sitting at your desk with nothing to do.

USB Digital Voice Recorder:

  • Now that you’ve seen enough fun and interesting gadgets, time for some serious work. If you’ve landed up at an important conference without a notepad, here’s something that you must have to come in handy. Just record the entire conference in this USB digital voice recorder.

Annoy-a-Tron 2.0:

  • This is especially for the office pranksters. It plays some random funny and annoying sounds, confusing the victims as to what it is all about, but a sure amusing gadget for you!

Phantom Keystroker 2:

  • Another amusing kit for pranksters! Just plug this USB gadget into the victim’s PC without his knowledge and look at the fun. It compels random mouse movements, toggles caps lock, and types in gibberish.

Ginormous Paper Clip:

  • A paper clip that is almost the size of your arm! It may serve as a unique paperweight on your table.

Gunnar Computer Glasses:

  • A must-have if you spend most of your time in front of a computer as it reduces eye-strain!

The Red Stapler:

  • This stapler in vibrant red color will be a unique accessory on your table, standing out from the normal dull colors.

Rubik’s Mirror Block Cube:

  • This funky-looking cube gets even funkier as you mess with it. It can also double up as a mirror for a quick glance at your looks.

Micro Sonic Grenade:

  • One more office prankster gadget on the list! It packs a powerful punch that’s sure to deafen the victim’s eardrums. A prank to be played on someone who’s dozing off!

Klipsch Image S4 Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones:

  • These headphones are ideal for drowning out all audible sounds that make you the feel of being an office, especially you don’t have to listen to something that your co-worker thinks everyone would like to listen to whatever he is hearing.

NERF Basketball Goal:

  • A complete kit for a basketball game indoors. Bring fun to your office and get a break in between your work!

Xtensor Hand Exerciser:

  • A perfect gadget to rebalance flexibility and strength of your hands as well as fingers. Get prepared for the typing contest in your office.

GymyGym Ergonomic Exercise Chair:

  • Sit comfortably all day long in this exercise chair. Do a swing of work-outs from the place you sit with the inbuilt exercises.

FlipIt! USB Stealth Charger:

  • This handy little device helps you to charge a USB-powered device from power outlets that are already in use. You have to place it between the outlet and the plug to get enough power.

Optomo Pico PK101 Projector:

  • This pocket projector is an ideal device for parking up presentations or watching movies on a big screen when you are on the go.